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Childcare vouchers and payment from tax-free government accounts

As we are Ofsted registered providers of After School Hubs and Holiday Hubs, we are able to accept childcare vouchers and payment from tax-free government accounts. We strongly encourage our families to use these as they can save you approximately 20% of your fees! Please note that we are unable to accept childcare vouchers and tax-free government payments for our tutoring services.

Please use the list below to locate the relevant account details, or contact us at if your provider is not listed.

RG Childcare: 37699102272   
EdenRed: P21306952
Gemelli: SU6263
Computershare: 0026756404
Sodexo: 912580 (Postcode BN41 1ST)
Busy Bees (Bravo Benefits):
We are searchable on Kiddievouchers
We are also registered to receive payment from Tax free childcare accounts

Additional details you may need:
Ofsted Registration number: 2637749
Provider name: Sussex Kids Hub
Business Address: St Nicolas Primary School, Locks Hill, Portslade, BN41 2LA

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