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Beach School is back! From 21st February, Brighton Beach School will begin a new six week term 10-11.30 every Tuesday.

Sessions are run by an experienced leader and qualified

teacher  who will facilitate children as they explore and play

using the equipment provided.


Activities are divided up to cater for children 1 - 11 years old

and sessions consist of the following:

- free-flow 'continuous provision’ activities and opportunities

for investigation (scoops, buckets, chalks, crayons for rubbings,

throwing games, trucks, tongs & containers etc)

- a beach explorer pack for each child to use for the session. This includes a list of 21 activities to give you ideas of how to best guide your child while they explore

- 3 adult-led stations per week with a range of craft or STEM activities which will change weekly according to the theme of the week.

                                                      After 60 minutes of exploring, we then share a sea-themed

                                                      story to the children/sing songs/ play games and the children

                                                      can opt to join in if they wish – or continue exploring! Parents

                                                      find this a really lovely time to get to chat to other parents .


                                                      Book your space now by using the booking button at the

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Sessions are held on the beach behind Hove Lagoon, with a cafe and toilet facilities nearby.


Please email if you or your child have any specific needs which you feel we need to be aware of.


Should we be forced to close Beach School due to illness or dangerous weather conditions, an additional class will be offered free of charge.

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